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30 Days of ETH – August 2019

30 Days of ETH – August 2019

Sometimes it’s hard to absorb everything happening in the Ethereum world. So let’s take a stroll back through the multitude of projects, tools, services, and products that were shipped by the Ethereum community in the month of August 2019.

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EthSigner – August 1

EthSigner is an open-source, client-agnostic, Ethereum transaction signer tool developed under the Apache 2.0 license designed for enterprise key storage use cases such as Azure Key Vault. You can learn more here.

AirSwap Trader – August 6

AirSwap Trader let’s you share, sign, and settle over-the-counter (OTC) trades with no counterparty risk.

Piet – August 7

Piet is a tool that analyzes smart contracts and creates interactive graphical representation of them. Visualize the relationships between contracts, functions, and variables by plugging in your Solidity source files or Truffle build files into Piet. Check out the live demo of Piet which let’s you visually explore the Gnosis Safe contract.

Pantheon-Ethers – August 7

This library extends Ethers.js to add support for Pantheon’s (now HyperLedger Besu’s) private transactions and extended APIs such as like Admin, Clique, IBFT 2.0, Permissioning and Txpool JSON-RPC APIs.

Tenderly Visual Debugger – August 7

Got a bug in your smart contract you can’t quite pin down? Maybe you should check out this smart contract transaction Debugger made by Tenderly that helps you visualize where the bug is happening in your code.

Gas Station Network – August 8

The Gas Station Network launched on the mainnet this month and allows DApp users to “make collect calls.” DApps specify which functions they’re willing to pay gas for and this relay network accepts off-chain calls and receives compensation for submitting the calls to the Ethereum network on their behalf.

Minimal – August 13

If you replace a car part by part… Minimal is an Ethereum 1.X client designed to be modular. Each of Minimal’s logical components were built to be independent and interchangeable for faster prototyping and deployment. You’ll find the source code here.

rDAI – August 13

First, there was DAI. Then, there was cDAI. Now, meet rDAI, an ERC-20 that let’s you redirect the interest of your cDAI. Use it to donate to charity or even just to send your interest to another wallet. rDAI launched a version on the mainnet to donate pooled interest to ETHBerlin.

eth2cdai – August 13

Not sure whether buying cDAI or minting it is more cost effective? This slick tool eth2cdai powered by DEX.AG’s API quickly compares both rates for you.

Solidity 2 UML – August 14

If you’re a visual person, this one is for you. Plug in your Solidity contract and Solidity 2 UML outputs a Unified Modeling Language class diagram based on your code.

Linkdrop Dashboard – August 15

The Linkdrop Dashboard‘s an onboarding tool where you can create airdrop campaigns with digital assets easily claimable via a QR-code or link. For example, deposit 500 DAI and send 100 people 5 DAI each by sending them each a link.

Tinlake – August 16

Tinlake, a platform for tokenizing real-world assets to use as collateral for DeFi loans, takes its first steps on the mainnet. Their pilot partners borrowed 182,000 DAI against residential and commercial properties using the platform.

The Open Oracle System – August 19

Compound Finance announced this month that they would be entering the oracle game with Open Oracle. It aims to create an end-to-end standard for how off-chain data is reported on-chain starting with price feeds. The initial prototype (code found here) is currently running on Rinkeby.

Clovers Network – August 20

Find unique collectible clover artwork and maybe earn a little ETH as part of this in-game economy experiment. Clovers Network was launched on the mainnet as part of Berlin Blockchain week.

Opinionator – August 21

Opinionator is an opinion collection tool which weights voting according to the amount of Ether you possess, the amount of gas you’ve spent, total gas spent on your smart contract, and/or accumulated difficulty of blocks mined. All polls are stored on-chain and you can create your own poll.

YOLOrekt – August 21

Bet on whether the price of ETH will be above or below a given price in 3 minute rounds. The winners keep the losers’ money at the end of each round (remember to play responsibly). YOLOrekt prides itself on its smooth onboarding experience with web2.0 style login and recovery options powered by the Abridged SDK and CREATE2.

Coinbase’s WalletLink – August 22

WalletLink bridges the gap between your browser and the Coinbase Wallet app (if you don’t have a Coinbase account, you can get one here). It lets you use DApps on your desktop browser by scanning a QR code from the mobile app. Currently, Compound, dYdX, IDEX, and Maker support WalletLink with Uniswap support coming soon.

Digital Escrow and Arbitration via OpenLaw – August 22

Disputes over purchases online are frustrating. OpenLaw shows you how to whip up a Bill of Sale smart contract complete with escrow and arbitration that’s legally binding. The escrow smart contract demo’s address can be found here.

Daisy – August 22

ConsenSys released Daisy, a dashboard for purchases, subscriptions, usage fees, and other payments on Ethereum. Daisy is available for the mainnet and the Rinkeby testing network, and planned support for Rovan, Koven and Goerli.

PLONK – August 23

Permutations over Lagrange-bases for Oecumenical Noninteractive arguments of Knowledge, or PLONK for short, is a method of constructing ZK-SNARKs with one trusted setup that’s reusable and efficient built by the folks over at AZTEC Protocol.

ETHBerlin Hackathon – August 25

A few noteworthy hackathon entries in alphabetical order.

3chanlink – An unmoderatable, uncensorable 4chan clone built with 3box and IPFS

CherrySwaplink – An open-source platform for interest rate swaps on Compound Finance. Demo on Kovan.

CollectorHublink – A decentralized social network for NFT collectors to maintain, display and swap their collectibles

CoinComposterlink – A DAO where users send unwanted, illiquid tokens to be gradually sold in exchange for stake in the DAO. Working example on mainnet.

ENS Loginlink –  An open standard for logging into DApps using your ENS domain

LSDai – link – A solution built with rDAI that let’s you earn interest on Compound while also hedging against rate variability. Here it is functioning on the mainnet

MapCovery – link – Recover your wallet by remembering 5 locations on a map powered by FOAM

RateLocklink – Fixed interest rate term loans via Compound Finance with an off-chain interest rate swaps

SelloutDAO – link – Sell your voting power in any Moloch-like DAO with this contract deployable to the mainnet. – link – Create your own basket of tokens using this tool for Set Protocol

Smart Alertlink – Receive custom real-time alerts for smart contracts. More info here.

Sudz – link – A game which rewards users for adding funds to the Tornado Cash mixer. Check it out.

Tornado Lend – link – A mixer which allows users to earn interest via Compound while waiting for their funds

Unisaur – link – A DEX where you can tokenize any index of assets from NASDAQ/NYSE, etc powered by ChainLink. They even tokenized Facebook shares on Kovan.

Youlink – A cloud password manager that’s unlockable by your Ethereum account using push notifications and your mobile phone’s biometric enclaves to authenticate login requests.

Erasure Protocol – August 27

Erasure’s data marketplace protocol built by Numerai is now live on the mainnet. Create your own prediction or data markets with proxy contracts powered by EIP-1167 clone factories.

DeFiSaver Smart Savings – August 27

Manage your DeFi lending portfolio with the Smart Savings dashboard. Flip or flip your funds between Compound, dYdX, and Fulcrum in a single click.

Brave Crypto Wallets – August 27

Built using the same open-source codebase as MetaMask, Brave revealed Crypto Wallets built into its browser. Now with local wallets stored client-side, hardware wallet support, and DApp interactivity, Brave’s becoming a true web3 browser.

Dharma v2 – August 29

Dharma unveiled that they went back to the drawing board with Dharma v2, reinventing their platform on Compound. While currently in closed beta, the upgrade brings fixed interest loans on top of Compound.

EthFS – August 30

Spin up a UNIX-like file system on the Ethereum blockchain using EthFS. These virtual disks are publicly accessible, even by DApps can access their files.

Concourse Open Community Updates

ETH25 Leaderboard

ETH Gas Station got a new look as well as a new feature called the ETH25. The ETH25 leaderboard ranks the top gas spenders on the Ethereum network over the past 30 days. See the data for yourself and find out which DApp spent the most gas this month.

DeFi Pulse adds Earn Income feature

Our new Earn Income feature gets you the best interest rates in DeFi lending by comparing popular services such as Compound, dYdX, Fulcrum, and Nuo Network. Check it out to instantly see your potential monthly earnings at a glance.

DeFi Pulse adds Nexus Mutual and Set Protocol to its Rankings

This month, we welcomed two new projects to our DeFi Pulse rankings. You can now track the over $1.5M worth of assets currently locked in decentralized smart contract insurance platform Nexus Mutual. Additionally, Set Protocol, a token basket or set creation and management tool, joins the leaderboard with $1.2M in assets locked.

New Entries included in The DeFi List

August saw the addition of more products, projects, and services to The DeFi List including: Ampleforth, Defiprime, DeFi Tutorials, FiatDEX Gateway, Monolith, Poketto Wallet, UniswapROI, USDx, and Whois0x. Explore the entire list here.

Whisp gets new look and new features

This month, Whisp’s new design went live with new features which make payroll powered by Ethereum more convenient than ever. New features like the fiat converter tool and pay dates take the hassle out of payday. And with the new batched payments feature, you can pay your entire team in one transaction even in multiple tokens.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions about one of our Concourse Open Constructions let us know in our Discord.

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