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30 Days of ETH – December 2019

30 Days of ETH – December 2019

Ethereum had an amazing year of growth both as a community and in the technological sense. Pat yourselves on the back for the many network upgrades completed successfully and each and every project that launched in 2019 with exhilarating speed. So to cap it off, here’s the final installment of 30 Days of ETH for 2019.

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imBTC – Dec 2

Meet Tokenlon’s new token imBTC, tokenized Bitcoin on Ethereum which earns an income share of the Tokenlon platform fees. Tokenlon DEX is based on 0x with a 0.3% imBTC transaction fee which is shared with imBTC holders.

Loopring Protocol v3 – Dec 4

Loopring launched version 3 marking the first ZK Rollup DEX protocol on Ethereum mainnet. ZK Rollups enhanced by EIP-2028 can improve DEX performance by magnitudes to potentially 700x. Check out this thread calculating 34x cheaper settlement cost already.

Azure Heroes – Dec 4

Microsoft collaborated with Enjin to highlight outstanding community members dubbed Azure Heroes by handing out collectible badger NFTs. This pilot program introduced many of Western Europe’s best Azure developers to the capabilities of the Ethereum blockchain.

Beacon Chain Explorer – Dec 5

ETH2 is coming soon™️. Don’t believe me?  Check out Etherscan’s new Beacon Chain Explorer which tracks Prysmatic Labs’ ETH2 testnet. You can find interest data like, as of writing this, there are over 700 active validators.

EY’s Nightfall update – Dec 5

EY released the first version of its ZK transaction batching allowing up to 20 transactions at once. “For those of you keeping score at home, this represents a 400-fold improvement in gas efficiency since our OpsChain Public Edition prototype just over one year ago.”

ZK Sync – Dec 5

Matter Labs unveiled ZK Sync, a ZK Rollup-based trustless scaling and privacy solution for Ethereum. The goal is VISA-like scaling that’s as secure as layer 1 with instant economic finality. Check out their new testnet and demo wallet on Rinkeby.

Istanbul Upgrade – Dec 7

As of block 9069000, the Ethereum network successfully upgraded to Istanbul. Learn more about how Istanbul affects DeFi.

Donuts-on-Ethereum – Dec 7

r/EthTrader launched their DAO along with a new ERC20 DONUT. DONUTs enable EthTraders to make polls on and off-chain, tip each other, buy the top banner on the subreddit, and other special membership features like the ability to use GIFs.

OpenZeppelin Test Environment – Dec 8

This new library from OpenZepplin tests your smart contracts at “blazing fast” speeds. If you’ve written smart contracts, you’ve undoubtedly come across OpenZepplin’s libraries. “Test Environment is the last piece of the puzzle, allowing you to test your contracts.”

Ethereum Studio – Dec 11

Ethereum Studio is a brand new tool for developers who want to dive head first into Ethereum. With templates for popular use cases like ERC20 tokens, NFT collectibles, etc, this web-based IDE is might to bring you up to speed faster than ever. Check out this intro video to see for yourself!

Filecoin Testnet – Dec 11

Filecoin protocol reached a new milestone with the launch of its first public test network. Operating on the ‘lotus’ implementation of Filecoin, this testnet is meant to iron out any bugs before the eventual launch of Filecoin.

Sablier – Dec 13

With Sablier, time is money literally. Sablier allows you to stream money over over time at a constant rate. Version 1 of the money streaming DApp launched on the Ethereum mainnet with support for DAI, SAI, USDC, cDAI, and cUSDC.

Tornado Cash v2 – Dec 17

Another step forward for Ethereum privacy. Tornado Cash v2, an update to the Ethereum mixer, is live. ERC20 token support (starting with DAI), higher deposit limits, and cheaper withdrawals are among the new improvements that arrived with version 2.

Ad-free Forbes with Unlock Protocol – Dec 17

Forbes deployed 2 locks on the Unlock Protocol for the first time. In other words, you can now unlock an ads-free experience paid for in ETH directly on Forbes crypto section with any web3-enabled browser.

Gnosis Safe Multisig – Dec 18

If you’ve been around long enough, you’ve probably heard of Gnosis multi-sig wallets which stores more than $1B in assets. Gnosis Safe Multisig is its successor built with DeFi in mind. As proof of their confidence, the Gnosis team has committed to monthy deposits of 10k ETH into the new Safe contracts.

First Chainlink oracles for Synthetix price feeds – Dec 18

The first stage of the Synthetix-Chainlink integration is live on the Ethereum mainnet! Seven of Synthetix’s FX and commodity price feeds are now powered by oracles from a number of Chainlink nodes. More assets are planned to go live in the future contingent on the operational success of these initial asset feeds.

necDAO – Dec 18

necDAO built on the DAOstack framework launched its bootstrap phase where NEC holders can claim reputation. The new DAO has full control over the use of funds with the goal of benefiting the Nectar/DeversiFi ecosystem.

EY releases third-gen ZK tech into public domain – Dec 19

The title sort of says it all on this one. However for those of you who haven’t been keeping up, EY released the latest version of its ZKP technology into the public domain in an effort to increase enterprise adoption of the Ethereum public blockchain.

ZimDAI – Dec 21

This fascinating whitepaper ZimDAI details a plan for widespread adoption of DAI to ease Zimbabwe’s financial uncertainties. The author is seeking any feedback which can help improve the plan.

WeDEX – Dec 21

WeDEX launched as the first DEX built on Loopring v3 and the first working ZK Rollup DEX on the Ethereum mainnet. With the power of Rollups, WeDEX processed 24,461 trades in their first 8 hours without completely spiking gas prices.

Enigma Testnet – Dec 23

For the first time, secret nodes were able to connect to Enigma’s Discovery testnet. This marks the first public testnet for the Enigma Protocol. And, we’re all one step closer to a private Ethereum.

KeeperDAO – Dec 27

December introduced us to KeeperDAO, an on-chain liquidity underwriter for decentralized finance, built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. “KeeperDAO is a protocol that economically incentivizes pooled participation in ‘keeper’ strategies.”

MetaFactory – Dec 31

MetaFactory is a crowdfunding platform for the creation of community-owned brands with an initial focus on fashion/apparel. The platform enables fractional ownership of IP with a dedicated DAO for each brand.

Concourse Open Community Updates

Concourse Data

In December, we launched Concourse Data, a dashboard allowing access to the data from services such as ETHGasStation, DeFi Pulse, and It’s a simple, all-in-one subscription to all the data from Concourse Open’s APIs combined, easily download in CSV or viewed in the dashboard.

DEX.AG integrates direct sUSD trades via Synthetix smart contracts

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions about one of our Concourse Open Constructions let us know in our Discord.

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