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30 Days of ETH – July 2019

30 Days of ETH – July 2019

Happy birthday Ethereum! The Ethereum main network turned four years old on July 30th. Let’s celebrate how much the Ethereum community has grown by highlighting a few new additions from July 2019.

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Betoken – July 1

Betoken, a fund management protocol where the fund managers stake their reputation for a higher cut of the collectively managed portfolio, went live on the mainnet on July 1st.

Etherisc-based insurance for Sri Lankan farmers – July 1

Aon, Oxfam, and Etherisc partnered to launch a blockchain-based platform providing micro-insurance for nearly 200 smallholder paddy field farmers in Sri Lanka who are at risk of losing their crops due to extreme weather.

Heiswap – July 3 

Heiswap is an Ethereum mixer that launched which went live on the Ropsten testnet. This ETH mixer uses linkable ring signatures and stealth addresses to achieve zero-knowledge mixing.

Samsung Blockchain SDK – July 4

Samsung announced a software development kit designed for Ethereum DApps. The development kit has been released to Samsung partners and the public SDK is expected by the end of 2019.

Makerburn – July 4

Makerburn is a site that tracks the MKR stability fees owed by all the outstanding MakerDAO CDPs in realtime.

Taringa! Pioneers – July 6

Taringa! Network launched Pioneers, a tokenized community participation incentive program. Users earn tokens for participating that can be converted to Dai and local currencies through a partnership between Taringa! Network, MakerDAO, and Airtm. Details in English.

Cygnus – July 8

Celer Network’s Cygnus, the world’s first generalized state channel network, launched its alpha on the mainnet.

Bridge Contract – July 8

Do you have a CDP but you’re eyeing the borrowing rate on Compound? InstaDApp created an interoperable bridge contract that let’s you move your Maker position to Compound in one transaction.

YangDAO – July 8

YangDAO forked from MolochDAO in order to support their favorite candidate Andrew Yang for the 2020 US presidential election.

Use Dai – July 10

If you’ve got DAI burning a hole in your wallet, this site should solve your problems. Use Dai is a list of all the places you can spend your DAI curated by the community.

1exchange – July 10

1exchange went live on the Ethereum mainnet becoming Singapore’s first licensed and regulated private securities exchange.

Props Tokens – July 11

Props network distributed Props Tokens, the first SEC-qualified token for consumers, to 47 million YouNow users. YouNow users who engage in the community earn Props which can be used for discounts on in-app virtual gifts and a free daily stipend of YouNow’s in-app currency.

UMA Data Verification Mechanism – July 11

UMA Protocol released their design of their data verification mechanism that adds economic guarantees to measure the accuracy of the information an oracle provide. They also deployed it to the Kovan testnet. More info and links can be found here.

Niftyswap – July 12

Niftyswap is a fork of Uniswap built using ERC-1155 tokens. Say goodbye to approvals and hello to support for metatransactions because Niftyswap’s base roken is metaDai.

Microsoft’s Decentralized & Collaborative AI on Blockchain – July 12

Microsoft researchers released a framework to host and train publicly available machine learning models powered by Ethereum. It’s code can be found here. Many community members praised Microsoft’s efforts to democratize machine learning.

Cobra – July 14

Trying to iron out that last bug in your smart contract? Try Cobra. It’s a a fast, flexible and simple development environment framework for Ethereum smart contract, testing and deployment on Ethereum virtual machine (EVM).

0x Mesh – July 14

0x Mesh is a peer-to-peer network for sharing orders for the 0x protocol. This new relayer alternative self-discovers peers and makes it easier to tap into the network’s shared liquidity. It’s beta went live this month.

Plasma Guard – July 16

Scaling solutions built with plasma are designed to allow users to secure their funds on the root chain if anything goes wrong on the child chain. But what happens when you don’t know you need to use these escape mechanisms? Plasma Guard has a solution that let’s you or a service watch your funds on plasma for you.

exeDAO – July 18

Sometimes old dogs do learn new tricks. EthNewYork2019 winners exeDAO coded a multi-signature framework that enables secure smart contract extensibility. In other words, DAOs can tap into the exeDAO library to execute near-arbitrary code without risking upgrading their own code.

CryptoScamDB – July 18

Originally a spreadsheet known as EtherscamDB, was launched as a standalone site this month. This database of deterrence contains 6500+ known scams across Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, NEO, and many more chains.

GanacheTimeTraveler – July 22

A testing toolset designed to allow developers to write unit tests for Ganache. Specifically, GanacheTimeTraveler helps advance time and blocks and even take and restore snapshots.

EIP-2028 – July 22

EIP-2028 was accepted into Ethereum’s upcoming Istanbul hard fork. This EIP allows for much more efficient use of ZK scaling solutions.

MetaMask Mobile – July 23

MetaMask rolled out their beta test for their new mobile app. The wallet boasts a number of features including syncing with the browser extension, support for ERC-721, Connext-powered InstaPay channels, and much more.

Tornado mixer – July 24 is an Ethereum mixer powered by zk-SNARK technology currently live on the Kovan testnet. Make private

MAD Stores – July 24

No funny business in this marketplace. In this completely decentralized marketplace, participants’ funds are held in escrow and if things go sideways, the escrow is burned. MAD Stores was released on Ropsten for testing.

Pooled cDAI – July 25

Founder of Betoken Zefram Lou created an ERC20 token template called Pooled cDAI that allows you easily pool DAI into Compound Finance and redistribute the interest generated to a beneficiary.

Monerium issues e-money to mainnet – July 25

Last month, Monerium received the world’s first e-money license for blockchains issued under EU e-money regulations. On July 25, they issued the first e-money, ISK 21,000, to the Ethereum mainnet.

DAIHard – July 25

While it go off to a rough start this spring, DAIHard has re-launched this month. But, we’re hoping this time they have better luck creating an unkillable fiat gateway to DAI. Learn more from their info site.

Tokenized Asset Portfolio (TAP) – July 25

Fluidity released a model for pledging real world assets to DeFi contracts. Also, they’re example of pledging U.S. Treasuries as collateral for a CDP loan is live on the Kovan testnet.

Timetraveler trading game – July 25

This fun little game launched by MerkleX let’s you deposit $1000 into your account back in 2015 and trade as the years fly by.

DAOG – July 26

Austin Griffith is back at it again! This time with an interesting new game called DAOG or Decentralized Autonomous Organization Game. DAOG is an open-ended governance game where emojis are controlled by smart contracts and players buy in, build, explore, vote, and politic their way to the victory condition to win.

OwnPaste – July 27

Have you heard of PasteBin? OwnPaste is similar. But, you don’t need a login and it’s based on Ethereum.

Wiki playground demo – July 27

Websites like Wikipedia are valuable resources to the world but sadly they can be blocked by authorities. This demo illustrates how you could build a Wiki for Ethereum. Check out the demo live on Ropsten testnet!

Elle – July 29

Mario Alvarez created Elle to help make smart contracts more secure. Elle is a formally-verified EVM compiler designed to prove its correctness. So when you’re ready to launch, you’ll know your code matched your intentions.

Distense – July 31

If you’re looking for work, this might be the one for you. Distense is a for-profit company that runs on the Ethereum blockchain where anyone can join and work anonymously. And, as long as you do your work, you earn equity in Distense.

Concourse Open Community Updates

The DeFi List

This month, DeFi Pulse launched The DeFi List, a collection of the best DeFi resources. Our hope’s that The DeFi List provides a useful place for researching and exploring the DeFi ecosystem for newcomers and veterans alike. Also, it allows us to share our platform with community members so we can grow DeFi together.

Whether you’re a project, newsletter, news site, blog, analytics site, or service provider, anyone can apply to be included in this list. If you’re included, we’ll add a short description of your work and a link to your site on DeFi Pulse. And in order to be listed on the DeFi Pulse Leaderboard, you must be included on this list.

We’ve already added a couple rounds of new entries. Welcome BeToken, Request Network, Totle, EthHub’s Weekly Newsletter, Coin Interest Rate, DeFi Weekly, LocalEthereum, and Loom Network to The DeFi List. So, check out the application form for specific details.

DEX.AG adds Eth2Dai

DEX.AG added support for trades through Eth2Dai, the Maker community’s replacement for OasisDEX. Eth2Dai is one of the most popular exchanges for the DAI/ETH pair. DEX.AG users can now take advantage of this influential orderbook directly through our site, SDK, or API.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions about one of our Concourse Open Constructions let us know in our Discord.