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30 Days of ETH – June 2019

30 Days of ETH – June 2019

Want to see what an active, open, public blockchain community looks like? You’re in the right place. June has been a busy month for the Ethereum community. Let’s take a look back at the month and highlight some new projects in the ecosystem.

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genSTARK – June 1

genSTARK is a JavaScript library designed to help people generate STARK-based proofs of computation. This framework aims to become the boilerplate code used in applications for off-chain computational scaling.

Verisol – June 3

Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain team announced the release of Verisol, an open-source formal Solidity verification tool. It’s name comes from the phrase, “Verifier of Solidity.” Verisol checks Solidity smart contracts automatically and continuously to catch bugs faster.

Fulcrum – June 3

bZxNetwork launched Fulcrum, a tokenized margin trading platform. Fulcrum utilizes ERC20 tokens to represent your lending and trading positions.

Wrapped CryptoKitties – June 3

Wrapped CryptoKitties, or WCK, are ERC-20 tokens backed by CryptoKitties deposited and “wrapped” in a smart contract. Wrapping ERC-721 tokens in this way creates unique ways for you to interact with the collectible game. WCKs can be used to value your prized kitty, purchase a large lot of breeder cats, or swapped for another random kitty.

StarkDEX – June 3

0x and StarkWare released a demo of their proof-of-concept scalability engine for DEXs. The StarkDEX alpha demo is live on the Ropsten testnet demonstrating its gas efficiency. The demo uses data from Binance to simulate trades and boasts 20 times more throughput compared to other DEXs.

Smart Contract Cover – June 4

Protect yourself from bugs or hacks in Ethereum smart contracts using Nexus Mutual’s Smart Contract Cover app. Smart Contract Cover let’s users like yourself buy a form of insurance for funds locked in DeFi for set periods of time. Like an insurance company, users pool their risk and are covered if something goes wrong.

FindETH – June 5

We all have that ETH or those tokens in a wallet somewhere but can’t quite find them. FindETH helps you search hardware wallets and mnemonic phrases for those lost funds.

8PAY – June 6

8PAY wants to make subscription payments on Ethereum easier. They plan to build a decentralized payment protocol which will leverage smart contracts to enable single, recurring, and on-demand payments.

Buguet – June 11

Buguet is a tool for debugging Ethereum transactions and Solidity contracts. This tool works only with data available from Etherscan and Solc to debug smart contracts on the mainnet.

Poke – June 11

Poke‘s a CLI tool that dynamically generates a command-line interface at runtime for your smart contracts. Just feed it your contract and Poke will compile it, process the ABI, create a CLI tool for your contract. Additionally, Poke can deploy your contract for you and works with hardware wallets. The source code can be found here.

Ethereum Grid – June 12

Ethereum Grid simplifies how you install and run a node. With this slick application, you can securely download, configure and use various clients and tools in the Ethereum ecosystem. And most of all, it’s GUI takes some of the more technical parts of running a node and makes them more approachable to new users.

Opyn – June 12

In June, Opyn launched its non-custodial margin trading platform built using Compound and Uniswap. Opyn deployed its platform to both the Ethereum mainnet and Rinkeby testnet.

3Box Threads – June 12

Chat seems like its built into everything you do nowadays. So, why not your dapps? By adding 3Box Threads to your platform, app, or site, you’re giving your users access to decentralized chat, comment, and forum-style discussions powered by IPFS.

Web3Connect – June 12

Web3Connect is React component that you can plug into your interface to connect to multiple wallets and Web3 providers. Currently, Metamask, WalletConnect, Portis, and Fortmatic are currently supported. Find the source code here.

Shadowlands – June 13

And for those of you looking to ditch the GUI, Shadowlands is a 100% Python, TextUI Dapp platform for ethereum. Built with you back-end users in mind, this interface let’s you access dapps without a web browser.

The Defiant – June 13

Launched this month, Camila Russo’s newsletter The Defiant has become quite popular. In her newsletter, Camila, a former financial journalist for Bloomberg, tracks trends and recent events in DeFi.

Austrian Post ERC-721 crypto stamps – June 14

The Austrian Post Service released a series of limited edition crypto stamps on the Ethereum blockchain. While the original site is in German, a redditor was kind enough to break down the details for us in English. TLDR: each stamp is tied to a ERC-721 NFT and you can purchase them with Ether.

EthSites – June 16

Philip Daian tweeted his announcement of EthSites, a registry of websites stored on the Ethereum blockchain. These javascript sites on Ethereum’s decentralized and secure network are censorship-resistant and can be easily shared.

Hopper – June 17

Hopper is an open-source mixer for private transfers on Ethereum. While its still in alpha, Hopper’s available to try on mainnet today. It uses zero-knowledge proofs to let you deposit 1 ETH to be privately withdrawn to a new address at a later date.

ERC-1155 – June 17

EIP-1155 has been finalized! And so, ERC-1155 is an official Ethereum token standard. Learn more from the team behind this multi-token standard aiming to replace both ERC-20 and ERC-721.

Burner Factory – June 19

Inspired by Austin Griffith, Burner Factory let’s you build your own burner wallet in 3 minutes. At your next event, create custom burner wallets with the tokens of your choice using this framework.

Cloudflare’s Ethereum Gateway – June 19

Cloudflare announced their new Ethereum Gateway. Cloudflare users can now host websites on IPFS and have them interact with the Ethereum network. And even better, you can do it with your own custom domain.

Integrated CBD organic hemp supply chain  – June 20

Verified Organic, an Ethereum application to track organic food, and Treum, a supply chain platform backed by ConsenSys, partnered to track organic hemp production from Integrated CBD.

Market Protocol – June 24

Market Protocol launched their first leveraged trading pair tokens to the mainnet. Users will eventually be able to mint tokens representing any asset with synthetic pricing. For now, you can long or short BTC on Ethereum using their ERC-20 tokens LBTC and sBTC.

PoolTogether – June 24

Do you like to gamble, but hate losing money? PoolTogether built this loseless lottery just for you. Tickets are sold for DAI, the pooled DAI earns interest, and then one winner is chosen to win the interest. At the end of the lottery, you can withdraw your DAI and maybe even some prize money if you’re lucky.

Rainbow – June 25

From the former Balance core team comes Rainbow, the mobile wallet that makes exploring Ethereum fun and accessible. Their wallet was recently accepted to the App Store. And also, they launched their new website.

OpenLaw DAO – June 26

OpenLaw DAO enables the creation and deployment of “limited liability DAOs” in minutes. The team behind OpenLaw want to make creating a legally compliant DAO and related tokens as easy as filling out a form. Learn more here.

The History of Ethereum – June 26

Camila Russo and Kerman Kohli made a website dedicated to marking key dates in the history of Ethereum.

Quantstamp Security Network V2 – June 27

QuantStamp Security Network V2 is now open-source and live on the Ethereum mainnet. Anyone can run a node or use Quantstamp’s network to scan their smart contracts for vulnerabilities.

Totle Swap – June 27

Totle Swap enables “Trade This for That” style ERC-20 token swaps by pooling DEX markets’ liquidity.

TokenCard – June 27

TokenCard shipped their non-custodial smart contract wallet paired with a debit card. The TokenCard app is now available on the App Store too.

The Golem Foundation – June 28

Golem Factory CEO Junlian Zawistowski and COO Andrzej Regulski are moving on to found the Golem Foundation. Endowed with a portion of the original GNT crowdfund, this foundation seeks to promote the value proposition of GNT through innovation and experimentation.

Concourse Open Community Updates

We at Concourse have been busy with some projects and updates of our own.

DEX.AG SDK and API released to the public

With as little as 5 lines of code from the DEX.AG SDK, you can give your users access to the best priced trades across DeFi (Uniswap, Kyber, Bancor, and more). For more information, check out our documentation.

Earning interest in DeFi has never been easier. is a neat site built using DEX.AG SDK that let’s you swap tokens for cDAI quick. It searches for the best prices for you from Kyber, Bancor, Uniswap and Radar Relay.

New additions to DeFi Pulse

We added Connext to our DeFi Pulse leaderboard. Connext is a non-custodial layer 2 payment channel most popularly associated and used with Dai Card. Also, we added Melon Protocol, a community-run protocol for asset management.

Digix using Whisp

The Digix Global team is now using Whisp to pay their team in DGX and DGD tokens. Whisp gives teams the flexibility to pay their workers on Ethereum no matter what the token. And on top of that, we take care of the paperwork. UI improvements and alerts

Witness the big rekts in real-time! You can now set an alert threshold to receive sound notifications when large liquidations come across our live feed. Toggle sound notifications using the bell icon. Additionally, filter your notifications by ticker symbol and see notifications live in the site title.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions about one of our Concourse Open Constructions let us know in our Discord.