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30 Days of ETH – November 2019

30 Days of ETH – November 2019

The year is slowly winding down to a close, but that hasn’t stopped the Ethereum community from shipping projects big and small. Let’s take a look at November’s batch of new tools, DApps, and projects.

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Burn Signal – Nov 5

Burn Signal is a general purpose signalling experiment where participants burn ETH to signal choice in a quadratic voting system.

Dune Analytics – Nov 5

For the data lovers among us, Dune Analytics allows you to make dashboards full of human-readable smart contract data. Make custom dashboards packed with charts powered by simple SQL queries.

RenVM Chaosnet – Nov 6

Ren Protocol’s RenVM Chaosnet went live this month with cross-chain interoperability for Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and ZCash.

rDAI – Nov 7

Now live on the mainnet, rDAI let’s you redirect the interest you earn on Compound to another address. Whether you choose to redirect your interest to charity or your hot wallet, rDAI’s a DApp worth checking out.

Quadratic Moloch – Nov 7

If you’re thinking MolochDAO with quadratic voting, you’re correct. Democracy Earth forked the original Moloch code to create Quadratic Moloch which supports the optional use of quadratic voting.

Ethereum Studio – Nov 8 shipped a new Developer landing page along with the new beginner friendly IDE Ethereum Studio. The new IDE walks beginners through templates like minting starter ERC-20 and creating a Crypto Pizza ERC-721 collectible game.

ETHWaterloo Hackathon – Nov 10

A few noteworthy hackathon entries in alphabetical order. See full list of submissions here.

Connexionlink – An ENS-connected message service in Metamask

DeFi Custody Wallet link – A smart contract wallet inside Metamask with Dead’s man switch

E.TH.PhoneHome link – An Eth P2P VOIP that makes calls on the Ethereum Network

Muh Optionslink – Peer-to-peer options issuance and trading on Kovan

Sheetcoinlink – A snarky submission that uses Google Sheets as a Ethereum sidechain manager

Wallet Notifylink – A standardized way of sending push notifications to Ethereum wallets

Brave 1.0 – Nov 13

Brave Software announced the launch of Brave Browser 1.0 this month. During its beta release, Brave has reached 8.7 million monthly active users across Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, in 52 different languages. This privacy-oriented Chrome competitor aims to bring Ethereum to the mainstream.

Poop Exchange – Nov 13

Built using UMA Protocol, experiment Poop.Exchange wants to combat the issue of public defecation in cities like San Francisco. ERC-20 “Shit coins” would be issued to city residents inversely tied to the number of poop sightings. If public poopings went down, the value of the coins goes up.

imBTC – Nov 14

imToken’s Tokenlon DEX launched a tokenized Bitcoin called imBTC which also shares the 0.3% platform fees with token holders. The goal is to provide an incentive to users contributing BTC liquidity to DeFi.

Multi-Collateral Dai – Nov 18

The Maker community made a historic step this month with the launch of Multi-Collateral DAI on the mainnet. The Multi-Collateral Dai upgrade enabled users to open vaults using BAT in addition to ETH. Additionally, DAI holders can now earn interest via the new Dai Savings Rate. – Nov 18

Watch the historic transition from Single-Collateral DAI (now called SAI) to Multi-Collateral DAI live using built by DeFi Italy.

DAI-HRD – Nov 19

This cheeky named token DAI-HRD, AKA HODL Rated DAI, let’s you have your cake and eat it too. You deposit DAI, the DAI-HRD contract deposits your DAI into Maker’s Dai Savings Rate contract, and then you get DAI-HRD tokens to store, send, or spend.

Ethereum Ecosystem Support Program – Nov 19

The Ethereum Foundation opens applications for its new Ecosystem Support Program. The Ecosystem Support Program team’s dedicated to connecting applicants with the best resources to help them grow and mature.

OriginSwag – Nov 20

Check out OriginSwag, a free decentralized, open source alternative to Shopify, hosted entirely on IPFS with an ENS domain. Customer and order details are encrypted with PGP before being uploaded to IPFS. And then, the seller can download and decrypt the customer info to fulfill their order.

Aragon Court – Nov 21

With a security audit under its belt and the release of v1.0, Aragon Court and its native ANJ token are considered production-ready. Aragon Court serves as a new digital jurisdiction for sovereign individuals and organizations and will soon be proposed as the official Aragon Network DAO.

Fidelty ERC-1404 – Nov 21

Fidelity’s Research & Development arm created the Bits and Blocks Club powered by ERC-1404. TLDR: it’s a closed-loop rewards system designed to encourage employees to attend internal events and other activities which serves as an example of how smart contracts can enforce compliance.

Beaconchain block explorer- Nov 21

Peruse Prysmatic Labs’ staking testnet with the first ever explorer for the upcoming eth2 beacon chain. The Bitfly team plans make the development of the explorer open source from the start.

Matic Counter Stake – Nov 27

November kicked off Stage 0 of Matic Network’s incentivized staking testnet. Stage 1 will soon begin where users will have the chance to earn 3 million mainnet MATIC tokens for maintaining a testnet validator.

Maple – Nov 28

Maple is now live on the mainnet. Users of Maple issue and/or invest in crypto bonds called SmartBonds. The initial focus is on Compound cTokens allowing users to speculate on the rise or fall of Compound interest rates.

Concourse Open Community Updates

New IPY metric on DeFi Pulse

DeFi Pulse introduced Interest Per Year, or IPY for short, a new metric only possible with DeFi created to track the performance of DeFi lending markets. Imagine IPY like the speedometer for DeFi measuring the speed at which interest is accruing in DeFi lending protocols given the borrow rate and outstanding debt at that moment. 

The new DeFi Lending page on DeFi Pulse supports a variety of assets including DAI, USDC, ETH, REP, ZRX, WBTC, and BAT with lending data from Compound, Maker, dYdX, and Fulcrum.

DeFi Pulse adds DDEX to its DeFi Rankings

This month, DeFi Pulse added DDEX to its rankings coming in at #14 with $1.6M total value locked into to its new margin trading and lending platform. 

DeFi Pulse updates for Multi-Collateral Dai

DeFi Pulse shipped a new update for Multi-Collateral Dai which added SAI and DAI together in most metrics and introduced new lending markets and the Dai Savings Rate to DeFi Pulse’s Earn Income and DeFi Lending pages

DEX.AG lists new tokens

DEX.AG listed over 30 new tokens including DIP, GEN, IDRT, MATIC, POA20, RHOC, SALT, TAUD, TGBP. THKD, TRST, and WCK.

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