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30 Days of ETH – October 2019

30 Days of ETH – October 2019

It feels like we say this every month, but it is true: October was a busy month for the Ethereum community. From Devcon5 in Osaka to the announcement of multi-collateral Dai, changes to ETH2.0 specs, and many many more launches and events.

Conferences are cool, but do you know what it’s like in the private VIP area? We thought you all would like to know, so we left the cameras rolling in the VIP lounge at the DEXDay Forum this past week. Here’s what we caught:

And now, here’s the monthly wrap up you came here to see.
Click here if you’d like to be included in next month’s installment of 30 Days of ETH. – Oct 1 is a site that helps you find and analyze the performance of Uniswap liquidity pools. This site covers the details of individual asset pools, trading history, and tracks their annualized returns from trading fees.

BitDEX – Oct 1

BitDEX is a decentralized alternative to popular margin trading platform BitMEX. Designed by the team behind UMA Protocol, BitDEX requires no on-chain price feed which allows almost all computation to run off-chain.

Oasis Trade – Oct 2

Oasis Trade, successor to Eth2Dai, launched on the mainnet this month. The new Oasis was created to provide trading liquidity for Multi-Collateral DAI. At launch, users can trade BAT, REP, ETH, and ZRX against DAI.

Buidler EVM – Oct 2

Sick of seeing the that pesky ‘Transaction reverted’ message while coding Solidity? Buidler EVM is a Ganache alternative that includes a fully featured Solidity-aware stack traces implementation. Spend less time scratching your head with clear error messages for your smart contracts.

ZoKrates Remix Plugin – Oct 3

Harnessing the “black magic” of zkSNARKs in your smart contracts just got a bit easier. ZoKrates, a toolbox for zkSNARKs on Ethereum, is available as a plugin for Remix IDE. Learn more here.

WeiDai – Oct 3

WeiDai is an ERC20 wrapper of Dai dubbed a thriftcoin, designed to encourage a culture of saving and protect it from inflation. Creator Justin Goro wrote a two part series (1 and 2) explaining how WeiDai works and creates value.

Burner Wallet 2 – Oct 3

You’ve heard of money legos but what about “wallet legos?” Burner Wallet 2.0 is a set of interface-agnostic libraries for handling the blockchain communication. The goal was to make a burner wallet with modular components and features to encourage experimentation.

Vulcan Swap – Oct 5

If you DCA but like to stay in control of your funds, logically you might like Vulcan Swap. It’s a DApp deployed on the Rinkeby testnet that let’s you place decentralized time-based cost average trade orders.

Sacramento Kings ‘Call the Shot’ app – Oct 7

The Sacramento Kings became the first NBA team to implement a rewards program built on the Ethereum blockchain in partnership with Blockparty. Fans can earn points and rewards by playing the NBA’s first predictive gaming application “Call the Shot.” Additionally, The Kings, in partnership with CryptoKaiju, will be giving away rare vinyl toy collectibles tied to ERC-721 NFTs.

OpenZKP – Oct 7

Inspired by STARK proof-of-concept StarkDEX, OpenZKP is a fully open-source Rust implementation of zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs). You can find the OpenZPK library here.

UniswapDEX – Oct 7

Same old Uniswap backend, fancy new frontend. UniswapDEX is a web interface for Uniswap developed by the Shardus team with an expanded set of features including market data, custom token addresses, and more.

UniPig – Oct 8

Uniswap in collaboration with Plasma Group built a L2 demo of Uniswap called UniPig built using optimistic roll-ups Running on the Ropsten testnet (Istanbul update), UniPig’s capable of ~250 TPS and if tuned properly could achieve ~2000 TPS.

Lexon – Oct 8

For those of you who get lost in code, Lexon is a program language that’s human readable written in natural language instead of code. The goal is to merge law and automation letting anyone to write agreements and business logic into smart contracts.

EthDNS – Oct 8

Meet EthDNS, a bridge between web2 and web3. EthDNS let’s you access IPFS-backed decentralized sites and dapps through the traditional DNS.

Vertigo – Oct 9

Vertigo is a mutation testing tool for smart contracts that catch bugs slip through the cracks despite the best unit testing. Mutation Testing evaluates your unit tests by creating mutations of your smart contract and then measuring how many “mutants” survive your tests.

Complete Knowledge (CK) proofs – Oct 9

Complete Knowledge (CK) proofs allow a user to demonstrate that they really have control of secret data, and the data isn’t shackled by SGX or MPC. It’s a way to protect users from bribery or collusion in cryptographic protocols.

StablePay – Oct 10

With beta live on the mainnet, StablePay takes any payments or donations you receive and converts them to either your choice of DAI or cDAI. Audit and final version coming soon.

Ethereum.World – Oct 10

Ethereum.World is an interface designed to accelerate the adoption of Ethereum apps launched by Ethereum co-founder Mihai Alisie. The goal is to create a new kind of social network, making it simple and enjoyable to interact with DApps.

Perth Mint Gold Token – Oct 11

InfiniGold launched its Perth Mint Gold Token (PMGT), an ERC20 token backed by GoldPass certificates issued by The Perth Mint guaranteed the Government of Western Australia.

Wyre V2 – Oct 15

Wyre V2 simplifies the crypto onboarding process in its new update. Instead of stopping users dead with KYC/AML Wyre utilizes the information you’ve provided to Apple Pay or Google Pay. So in just a few taps users can purchase crypto from their phone.

DDEX Margin Trading – Oct 16

DDEX rolled out its new platform with margin trading and lending after two months of closed beta testing. You can margin trade with up to 5x leverage or lend assets to earn interest. It even has a pro mode with advanced features like limit orders, stop-limit orders, and full position adjustment.

HKDai – Oct 18

HKDai is a cryptocurrency pegged to the Hong Kong Dollar and backed by Dai. It’s intended to be a perfect fit for bankless Hong Kong residents who want to transact in a familiar currency on top of Ethereum. This neat experiment is live on the Ropsten testnet.

ERC20 verifier tool – Oct 18

Every once in a while you’ll come across a token in the wild that claims to be an ERC20 but actually fails to meet the standard. And, boy is it frustrating. OpenZepplin built this handy tool to verify whether a given smart contract complies with the ERC20 standard.

Subspace – Oct 18

Subspace is a framework agnostic JS library that provides methods to track, subscribe, and react to events, changes to the state of smart contracts, and address balances. It can be used in browser, node, and native script environments and stays synced by saving the state to a local database.

Dai Card v2 – Oct 18

Connext released Dai Card v2 with faster deposit and withdraw times. Additional changes include supporting transfers to offline recipients, conditional payment types, and state backup and recovery.

Supersonic – Oct 19

The aptly named “Supersonic” is a new transparent zk-SNARK system which boasts no trusted setup and superior prover time, proof size, and verification time.

LSDai – Oct 20

No need to fret over fluctuating interest rates. Built with rDAI, LSDai markets are live letting hedge your interest rate by longing or shorting the Compound’s Dai supply rate.

TruSat – Oct 22

ConsenSys Space is bring the moon to ETH. TruSat is an open source prototype built on Ethereum to track satellites and space debris. It’s step one on the path to harnessing Ethereum to create space data markets and combat space traffic issues.

STLD – Oct 23

To the victor goes the spoils. STLD provides instant-payout for Augur prediction market winners, supporting a wide range of markets that are broadcast ahead of time.

Aave Protocol – Oct 24

Aave’s public testnet of its lending protocol is live on Kovan. Supported functions include perpetual loans, short term fixed rate loans, and a new type of loan called Flash Loans. Flash loans let you take out an uncollateralized loan instantly, but it must be repaid in the same transaction else it reverts. It’s an awesome feature that can be used to take advantage of unique arbitrage opportunities.

DeFiZap – Oct 28

DeFiZap is a smart contract that auto-spreads incoming deposits across multiple DeFi protocols liked Compound and Fulcrum based on pre-set allocations, bypassing many manual steps. You can send ETH to a Zap contract of your choosing and receive allocated tokens.

PLONK – Oct 28

Permutations over Lagrange-bases for Oecumenical Noninteractive arguments of Knowledge or PLONK for short is a universal fully-succinct zk-SNARK construction system with significantly improved prover run time compared to Sonic. Learn more here. – Oct 28

Visual learners rejoice! Austin Griffith shipped his latest project called, a graphical web3 sandbox. It’s the sort of thing you have to experience for yourself, so give it a try!

Universal Login – Oct 31

You’ve seen those “Sign in with Google” buttons. Universal Login wants to replicate this one login for every app experience for Ethereum DApps. The beta version of Universal Login is live on the mainnet. Check out this live demo of the beta.

Concourse Open Community Updates

DEX.AG ships new updates and lists new tokens

We added an option to DEX.AG where users can adjust the max slippage on their trade as well as enter custom slippage. We’ve replaced Eth2Dai with the new Oasis Trade which supports more token pairs. Within the past few weeks, DEX.AG listed the following tokens: sETH, DGD, XCHF, RPL, RING, CBI, DATA, and LEND.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions about one of our Concourse Open Constructions let us know in our Discord.

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