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30 Days of ETH – September 2019

30 Days of ETH – September 2019

Every month the list of things the Ethereum community has shipped grows longer. And, this September was no exception. Sometimes it’s nice to just to stop and reflect on the hard work going into all the projects, tools, services, and products in the Ethereum ecosystem.

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Pool Dai – Sept 2

Pool Dai is a no-loss donation protocol enabling people to pool money together, lend it out, and donate the interest to a cause. This smart contract written by the founder and lead developer of Betoken Lou Zefram is live on the mainnet.

Jade Explorer – Sept 4

Jade Explorer is a minimal block explorer with no database, configurable JSON-RPC URL, and optional service-runner feature. The goal of Jade Explorer is to provide a resource for EVM-based network information and block exploration.

PEG Protocol / USDB – Sept 4

Peg Protocol allows users to issue stablecoins backed by any ERC-20 tokens. In addition to unveiling the protocol, its first use-case launched in the form of USDB, a stable version of BNT.

PopLocker – Sept 5

PopLocker is an Ethereum DApp browser / wallet and an alternative to Metamask targeted at a mainstream audience funded by a grant from the Ethereum Foundation. Its wallet can be upgrade to a SmartLocker, non-custodial smart contract wallet with meta-transaction support which can be linked between multiple devices.

CDP Automation – Sept 5

Are you losing sleep over your CDP? DeFi Saver’s CDP Automation may be able to help you relax with its automatic CDP liquidation protection and leveraging.

The Yield Protocol – Sept 5

The Yield Protocol lets you construct zero-coupon bonds for Ethereum tokens called yTokens. These bonds have fixed terms, are tradeable via Uniswap, and have interest rates set by the market which can be used to form a yield curve for any token.

PAXG – Sept 5

Stablecoin platform Paxos launched a new token backed by gold. The new PAXG token is pegged to the price of an ounce of gold and was approved by the New York Department of Financial Services.

Nethermind Data Marketplace – Sept 6

The Nethermind team released the testnet of their Nethermind Data Marketplace on the Goerli testnet. Check out its UI and experiment with the marketplace by following this link.

Uniswap.Ninja – Sept 6

This clever Uniswap frontend pulls its list of tokens from a Token Curated Registry (TCR). This means that users curate which tokens can and should be listed preventing fake or incompatible tokens from harming the user experience.

Token Sets Market Caps – Sept 6

Who doesn’t like data? This analytics site lets you explore the supply, price, and market cap of token sets deployed to the Set Protocol.

Salad – Sept 6

Salad is a prototype of a coin-mixer built using Enigma’s L2 private computation solution. As a result, Salad doesn’t require a withdrawal interaction and currently costs significantly less gas (~250,000 gas for a 10 person mix) than your typical ZK-SNARK mixer.

Truffle Contract Size Plugin – Sept 7

Sometimes you can tell a book by its cover. This Truffle plugin displays the contract size of all or a selection of your smart contracts in kilobytes.

ERC721 WooCommerce plugin – Sept 7

WooCommerce is very popular among WordPress sites. And now, with this plugin you can accept Ether, ERC-20, or ERC-721 tokens as payment or even sell them in your WooCommerce shop.

Podcrypt – Sept 8

Podcrypt rolled out its app beta that allows listeners to setup a recurring donation that is automatically split between the podcasts they listen to. All you have to do to start receiving donations for your podcast is put your Ethereum address or ENS name into the podcast description.

ETHBoston Hackathon – Sept 8

A few noteworthy hackathon entries in alphabetical order. See full list of submissions here.

3nablelink – A tool which allows message (or transaction) signatures to occur in a secure environment instead of pulling keys into local browsers

Creadaolink – A way to airdrop tokens/reputation in an Aragon DAO based on their github contributions to onboard web2 users to web3

Ethercamlink – A camera that’s a standalone “IoT” object that a user can approach, log into, and take a photo with. Photos are then saved to IPFS and hash is submitted to a public timeline of all photos taken on the camera.

Stakeablelink – A sharing economy marketplace where an individual can earn by offering a possession up as a public good to another person

SwanDAIlink – A synthetic asset that tracks the deviation of DAI’s price from its dollar peg in an exponentially increasing fashion

SweepStake!link – A game that lets you stake money on a game of prisoner’s dilemma with many players

Tributelink – A web3 UI dashboard that calls the rDAI smart contracts and allows users and paid content publishers to transact using directed rDAI interest

VendETHlink – A vending machine that accepts ETH and ERC20 tokens powered by smart contracts, Coinbase Commerce, and Raspberry Pi 4 controller

ZeroPoollink – An anonymous multi-asset pool implemented as a smart contract with zero-knowledge proofs suited for private asset storage and swaps. More info here

UMA’s Synthetic Token Builder – Sept 11

Create a token that follows the price of the CNY in DAI or even one pegged to the performance of the S&P 500. UMA’s Synthetic Token Builder let’s you create a token on the Ethereum blockchain which follows any metric, just choose a “price feed” and deposit DAI.

Graphene – Sept 11

Graphene v1.0, was released this month by Golem in collaboration with Intel, ITL and researchers Don Porter and Chia-Che Tsai. The Graphene library OS is a project for running unmodified Linux applications in a trusted execution environment (TEE) on an untrusted host platform.

Santander’s $20M Bond Trade – Sept 12

Spanish bank Santander became the first institution to settle a bond from start to finish on the Ethereum blockchain. In the words of John Whelan, head of digital investment banking at Santander’s corporate and investment bank, “I think it’s becoming apparent that ethereum is just part of the internet.”

Robo-Advisor for Yield (RAY) – Sept 12

Live on the mainnet, RAY automatically shifts you funds (ETH, DAI or USDC) to the earn the highest available yield in DeFi lending markets. Staked, the team behind RAY, plans to integrate other ways of earning such as the DAI savings rate, market-making, and staking.

Remix Workshops – Sept 13

For those looking to learn Solidity, this one is for you. Remix Workshops, a fully decentralized tool for Remix IDE, are like Codeademy tutorials right with Remix. And, the best part is it uses Ethereum smart contracts, 3Box, Swarm, and IPFS to access and store all the data involved.

Torque – Sept 14

Torque is a service that offers indefinite-term fixed rate loans built using Fulcrum’s iTokens lending pools and bZx Network’s margin calling system. The platform hopes to draw in users with its built-in ENS support and no percentage penalties for margin calls.

Nexus Mutual Tracker – Sept 16

This tracker site let’s you explore the active smart contract coverage purchased by Nexus Mutual users. Search through all cover transactions or examine total active covers for each supported contract.

Terminal – Sept 17

Terminal released v1.0 of their toolkit which allows you to develop, test, and manage Ethereum artifacts & infrastructure in a unified workspace. Terminal treats every Ethereum artifact and piece of infrastructure can be a composable and reusable building block hoping to encourage open source collaboration.

FanChain – Sept 17

HOT TAKES! GET YOUR HOT TAKES! SportsCastr, a sports streaming platform, launched platform which encourages fan engagement with their favorite players called FanChain. Maybe it’ll make being an armchair quarterback a bit more rewarding.

Matter Labs’ ZK Rollup – Sept 18

Matter Labs unveiled the code behind its implementation of ZK Rollup dubbed Franklin.

DeFi Strategies – Sept 18

From the maker of DeFi Tutorials comes DeFi Strategies. This application helps DeFi users choose effective strategies for investing in DeFi starting with 3 strategies at launch: Aggressive, Moderate, and Conservative.

Atstake – Sept 18

Atstake released a set of arbitration smart contracts which allows you to create two-person agreements where one or both of you stake ETH or ERC20 tokens. The arbiter and terms of the agreement are agreed upon beforehand. Also, the team plans to support arbitration solutions like Aragon and Kleros in the future.

Marlin – Sept 19

Marlin is a zero-knowledge proving system which boasts fast verification times for ZK proofs without the use of batching. Marlin is designed for situations where batching proofs is not possible. For more details, check out this implementation for pre-processing zk-SNARKs.

Connext v2.0 – Sept 23

Connext v2.0 hit the mainnet this month, now utilizing Counterfactual state channels. The Connext team re-designed various aspects of their layer 2 solution in an attempt to minimize trust assumptions and move towards a universal state channel standard for Ethereum. You can find the full code here.

Dolomite – Sept 23

Dolomite is the first major DEX to be built on Loopring, an interoperable privacy solution. It comes with lots of bells and whistles like Wyre integration, negative maker fees (that pay you), and it even utilizes CREATE2.

MyDeFi – Sept 23

MyDeFi is a free smart phone app that helps you visualize your DeFi activity. DApps like Compound, Maker, and Token Sets were supported at launch with plans to support Augur, Synthetix, and dYdX soon.

Beam Sync – Sept 24

Beam me up Scotty! The next evolution of node fast sync is here. Beam Sync can in theory sync your node 100,000 times faster than fast sync. Overall, Beam Sync boasts better feedback and quicker results when running an Ethereum node locally.

Impactio – Sept 24

Impactio is a project curation and funding platform aiming to tackle the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals created by ConsenSys in partnership with the WWF. Built on Ethereum, it uses tokens to maximize collaboration and bring social impact to life.

UniswapEX – Sept 25

Did I hear someone say limit orders on Uniswap? As a matter of fact, you did. Agustín Aguilar alongside Ignacio Mazzara built UniswapEX which allows you to create limit orders on Uniswap.

Ethereum RPi 4 node – Sept 28

Have you ever wanted to run a full Ethereum node but weren’t sure where to begin? Well, you should check out Grégoire Jeanmart’s awesome guide on how to build an Ethereum node with a Raspberry Pi 4 for around $160.

Brownie v1.0.0 – Sept 29

You’ve heard of delicious frameworks like Truffle and Ganache but what about Brownie? Brownie is a Python framework for Ethereum smart contract testing, debugging, interaction and deployment.

Hodor – Sept 30

Hodor is an open STARK implementation well-suited for a narrow application like evaluation proofs for verifiable delay functions. You can find the beta a STARK-proving engine library on Github.

Matic β-Mainnet – Sept 30

Matic Network released the second iteration of its layer 2 blockchain platform which utilizes the Plasma framework. The update comes with loads of new upgrades like plasma predicates, smaller plasma functions without the need to relaunch the plasma contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

Concourse Open Community Updates

Introducing the X Blaster

Not only does DEX.AG get you the best price for your trade across 11 different DEXes. DEX.AG’s new X Blaster feature splits your large order into smaller ones across several exchanges to reduce any possible slippage in price. See how it works for yourself!

Also, developers can now take advantage of DEX.AG for Contract Fillable Liquidity (CFL) with our new proxy contracts. See our API / SDK.

Zero to DeFi

When the next bull run comes, save yourself the hassle of answers a billion questions for friends and family. Just shoot them a link to this beginner’s guide which will guide them through Ethereum basics all the way to earning passive income via Compound Finance.

DeFi Pulse adds bZx Network to its Rankings

We’re pleased to welcome bZx, the lending and trading protocol behind Fulcrum and Torque, to our leaderboard. bZx currently ranks number 14 in terms of TVL(USD) with $1.9M in total value locked.

New Entries included in The DeFi List

Check out the new September additions to The DeFi List including: Coinbase Wallet (sign up for Coinbase account here), DexWallet, Liquidity.Network, and Matic Network. Explore the entire list here.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions about one of our Concourse Open Constructions let us know in our Discord.

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