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DeFi starts with your paycheck: Introducing Whisp

DeFi starts with your paycheck: Introducing Whisp

Nobody loves doing admin stuff, but it’s especially maddening when you’re constantly sidetracked by the inefficiencies of the system you’re working to disrupt. Even if your budget permitted you to outsource payroll services, legacy payroll providers aren’t built for today’s global workforce.

Now there’s a better way!

Whisp: Built on Ethereum. Easier, faster, and cheaper than legacy payroll service providers.



  • Simple onboarding process nearly eliminates training costs
  • Intuitive interface, automated recordkeeping, and CSV export save time and reduce errors
  • Worker-managed payment addresses empower your team and protect privacy
  • Blockchain-based payments eliminate the cost and privacy risk of intermediaries and allow for easy verification


  • A standard, straightforward process frees up time + energy better spent on your vision
  • Blockchain-based payments settle within minutes, letting you and your team stay on task
  • Email notifications assure workers that their funds have arrived
  • No more international wires means no more inexplicable delays, errors, or rejections caused by banks’ and governments’ shifting policies


  • Elimination of wire fees leads to immediate savings
  • Elimination of intermediaries reduces direct costs and avoids unfavorable exchange rates
  • Much lower transaction fees provide flexibility for more frequent payments
  • A reliable, efficient payment system eliminates the hard-to-quantify costs from uncertainty and frustration in dealing with bank errors
Whisp dashboard
Whisp’s intuitive dashboard

Whisp is taking decentralized finance mainstream!

Having a global and remote workforce is no longer just an advantage; it’s becoming the norm. Legacy payroll services haven’t kept up, so it’s time to leave them behind for good. Let Whisp handle the distractions so you can focus on ushering in the decentralized future.

Make the switch! Sign up for Whisp today at to start paying your team in crypto and take the stress out of payday! Got questions? Find us on Twitter or in the Concourse Discord.