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DEX.AG: 5x Lower Slippage with Real Time Prices

DEX.AG: 5x Lower Slippage with Real Time Prices

We’re excited to announce the latest upgrade to DEX.AG, which gives you all the convenience and functionality you’ve come to expect from our DEX aggregator with a faster, more responsive user experience.

Liveness is your edge

As DEX volumes and usage keep trending upwards, so does competition for the best trades. For today’s DEX traders, that means less and less time to find and seize upon trading opportunities. So we designed the latest version of DEX.AG to help you stay on top in this fast-moving space.

With our completely revised architecture, your price results appear nearly instantaneously. Plus, the results update automatically in real time as prices change, so you don’t need to refresh the page or re-execute your search.

As DEX users, volume, and liquidity grow, even a fraction of a second can make all the difference, and we want you to remain competitive. Check out DEX.AG now to see for yourself the difference that liveness can make.

DEX.AG Live aggregator is 5x fasterDEX.AG’s speed redefines the DEX trading experience

If you haven’t tried DEX.AG, here are just some of the features you’ve been missing:

  • simple, intuitive interface for getting and trading with the best price across 11 different DEXes  
  • trade directly from DEX.AG using our ‘Buy Now’ button
  • forget about WETH vs. ETH: any need for wrapping ETH happens in the background
  • zero additional trading fees (any exchange fees are factored into the total price you see)
  • X Blaster splits your large order into smaller ones across several exchanges to get you the best price for your trade
  • new features and tokens added regularly; check the latest 30 Days of ETH for details 
  • mobile-friendly

We’ve worked hard to make DEX.AG work as smoothly as possible. So once you’ve tried it, we’d love to hear your feedback in our Discord. Follow us on Twitter to stay informed on the latest updates to DEX.AG.