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Trade DEXes like a Pro with DEX.AG – real time charts, prices, and order books

Trade DEXes like a Pro with DEX.AG – real time charts, prices, and order books

Introducing DEX.AG Pro Trading – We couldn’t be more excited to launch this next evolution of DEX.AG as part of our larger vision to increase the adoption of DEXes.

No one likes to be left in the dark

In the early days of decentralized exchanges (DEXes), traders often cited the lack of liquidity as their reason for not switching away from centralized exchanges. As the years have passed, DEX liquidity as grown and DEX aggregators like DEX.AG have risen to help improve liquidity even further. And needless to say, the DEX trading experience has vastly improved. For the most part, swapping tokens from your wallet is easier than it’s ever been.

However, the truth is that professional traders require more than simple swaps to properly execute their trading strategies. And, simple swaps come with serious disadvantages when it comes to price discovery. With simple swaps, it can sometimes feels like you’re flying blind. Despite not knowing the depth of liquidity at any given price, you have to either break up orders to prevent price slippage or just swap the whole amount and hope for the best. Neither situation is ideal or convenient.

Amateur hour is over. Trade like a Pro with DEX.AG

DEX.AG’s new Pro Trading interface equips you with the tools and information you need to make informed trades even in a pinch. Real time prices, charts, and order books help you stay on top of these fast moving markets. It combines the sophisticated yet familiar interface you’d expect from a centralized exchange with all the advantages of trading with our X Blaster which splits your trades across multiple DEXes to get you the best price for your trade.

DEX.AG Pro interface
DEX.AG Pro Trading interface – You can see the real time order book updating in this screenshot.

Seize more opportunities with real time prices and order books

No refreshing or clicking – prices and orderbooks update in real time right in front of your eyes so you’ll never have to think twice whether or not you’re getting the right price.

With live order books, you can now make fully informed decisions on how to split your orders up to get the most value out of your trades. Not to mention, there are times when the order book spread is so tight it even goes negative (as seen in screenshot above). This means that the bids or asks have crossed the mid order book price. It’s the sort of opportunity that’s only possible via aggregation.

See the bigger picture of what’s happening in the markets

Don’t miss the forest for the trees in your trading strategy. Having data from both centralized and decentralized exchanges at a glance means it’s never been easier for you to assess market conditions and trade only when liquidity is in your favor.

Start making smarter trades today

What are you waiting for? Try out DEX.AG Pro Trading today! And please let us know what you think in our Discord. Follow us on Twitter to stay informed on the latest updates to DEX.AG.