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DEX.AG Unveils User Balances Page, Transaction History Page, and many other UX/UI Upgrades Inspired by Feedback

DEX.AG Unveils User Balances Page, Transaction History Page, and many other UX/UI Upgrades Inspired by Feedback

Nearly every object you interact with in your daily life has been designed for its intended use case. This fact is easy to forget or overlook, but design affects nearly everything you do. And, how you interact with these designs impacts them over time because design is an iterative process.

DEX.AG’s design has been no different; each new upgrade to DEX.AG improves on the last, incorporating as much user feedback as possible. The collaboration between our vision for DEX.AG and thoughts from users like yourself has made a positive impact on the end result. Although, “end result” is sort of a misnomer in the fast-paced world of DeFi where the innovation never seems to end. We’re pleased that this latest update to DEX.AG introduces new additions and many desired UX/UI improvements.

Pushing DEX.AG’s design forward

The Connect Wallet feature implemented in our previous update has opened many doors and put us a step further towards the ultimate vision we have for DEX.AG. Additionally, we’ve incorporated a lot of your feedback regarding UX/UI changes we’ve received about in our Discord and on Twitter.

Wallet Balances MVP

As previously mentioned, connecting your wallet enables many new features on DEX.AG. The new Balances tab in DEX.AG Pro let’s you view your wallet’s token balances as well as perform actions like wrapping and unwrapping ETH/WETH. The USD value of your portfolio has been included for your convenience.  This is the MVP; however, we have lots of plans this new section of DEX.AG which will allow users to easily manage their portfolios.

Transaction History MVP

But wait there’s more! You can now view your DEX.AG transaction history in DEX.AG Pro under the History tab. We know that maintaining a successful trading strategy requires being able to assess your historical performance and often times diligent record-keeping. The History tab will help you stay on top of your trading history by providing you the info you need in one convenient place. Not to mention, the time and headaches that this history might save users during tax season.

UI Improvements

Recommended gas price

We’ve saved you a trip to our other service ETH Gas Station by adding a recommended gas price at the top of DEX.AG. This addition will save your precious time when you’re under pressure trying to squeeze in that quick trade.

Token selection dropdown menu sorted by balances

We’ve received lots of feedback from DEX.AG users about their desire for a faster, more convenient token selection menu. We’re pleased to unveil the new tokens in the dropdown menu are now tabulated and sorted by your connected wallet’s token balances. Making a trade is easier than ever now that you can see your preferred tokens right at the top of the list. In addition to our existing search function, try mousing over the top left and lower left of the dropdown menu to experience a little something I like to call hyperscroll.

MAX Button

The long-awaited MAX button has finally arrived! Connecting your wallet enables the MAX button allowing you to buy or sell the MAX amount of tokens possible for your selected trading pair based on current token balances. It’s perfect for saving time during quick swaps and sweeping the dust out of old wallets. We’re planning on expanding this function in future updates for even more convenience.

Wallet balances and Trading Pair Swapper Tool on PRO

Improving on DEX.AG Pro design, current token balances are now displayed directly in the trading interface. We’ve also added a Trading Pair Swapper Tool which let’s you easily flip or flop selected token trading pair at the click of a button (i.e. ETH/DAI <> DAI/ETH).

Try it today

Thank you for reading! Please head over to DEX.AG and try out all the new upgrades to our aggregated DEX trading experience. Our goal is to give you the best opportunities in these fast-moving markets and feedback from users like yourself have helped make DEX.AG what it is today. So once you’re finished, Please let us know what you think in our Discord or Twitter.