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DEX.AG 101: What to do when you’re really in a rush but you wanna kill it with your trading

DEX.AG 101: What to do when you’re really in a rush but you wanna kill it with your trading

TLDR; Read the bottom section for the latest on no-hassle trading tips – the X Blaster

Sometimes Alice feels like her list of things to catch up on is never-ending. Every morning when her alarm goes off, she’s rushing to make coffee and get out the door. And by the time she gets to work, there’s even more emails, articles, and tasks to catch up on. After the work day is over, Alice is off to run errands or get ready for dinner with friends. There just never seems to be enough time in the day. Especially to catch up with the ever-fluctuating crypto market.

So when Alice sees that the crypto markets are moving – she wastes no time, and goes straight to that one place that will never miss a good trading opportunity. She whips out her phone, opens up her mobile wallet, and heads over to DEX.AG – where she instantly finds the best price for her trade. And in just a few taps, (to be specific – probably only two), her trade is complete and she can move on with her day, knowing that she killed it.

But wait, what’s this strange magic? What’s behind this sorcery?

DEX.AG gets you the best price for your trade from 11 different DEXes in a split second. Buy or sell a wide selection of tokens directly from DEX.AG’s mobile-friendly interface. We charge 0 fees and any DEX-related fees are factored into the total cost of your trade. One page – all your problems solved.


But wait, it gets better. Enter the X Blaster

When you make a large trade on a single DEX, the size of your order can affect the price you see in the quote. DEX.AG’s X Blaster feature splits your large order into smaller ones across several exchanges to prevent this kind of slippage.

Experience the speed and simplicity of DEX.AG for yourself and see how much you could be saving on your trades. Have a comment or question about any of the new features? Let us hear it on Twitter or in our Discord.