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Digix is now using Whisp payroll on Ethereum

Digix is now using Whisp payroll on Ethereum

Payroll on Ethereum

Money should be simple and intuitive, especially when you use it for payroll. More and more, we hear from teams that want to get paid on Ethereum. These people are the reason we built Whisp; we want everyone to have access to a payroll system that leverages the benefits of blockchain. And so, we’re happy to announce our work with Digix.

payroll on ethereum

The Digix Global team is now using Whisp

In 2015, Digix Global launched its gold-backed DGX token in the hopes of bringing stability to the lives of cryptocurrency users; each DGX token for 1 gram of gold held in Digix’s vaults in Singapore and Canada. Additionally, Digix launched the DigixDAO (DGD), a DAO run by token holders to shape the DGX ecosystem. Digix is putting its money where its mouth is by using Whisp to pay its team in DGX and DGD. Whisp gives teams the flexibility to pay their workers on Ethereum no matter what the token, DGX, DGD, DAI, etc.

Whisp makes payroll simple

Workers’ and employers’ lives are both made easier by payroll on Ethereum. It’s fast and easy to use Whisp to pay your workers directly in ETH, DAI or any ERC20 token of your choice, cutting out the middleman. And on top of that, there’s no need for KYC and we take care of the paperwork. With Whisp, easily export your payment records in CSV format for your own record-keeping purposes.

Getting paid on Ethereum increases worker’s financial freedom

Whisp not only makes Ethereum-based payroll fast and easy, it also empowers workers. Traditional finance often puts middlemen like banks between a worker and their hard-earned money. These middlemen cost workers time and money with expensive or slow transfers. And in some countries, the local financial system can be are to trust or rely on.

Being paid via the Ethereum network means you can send or receive money anywhere in the world in seconds for cheap. And you never have to fear that a bank will seize or withhold your payment or force you to reveal all of your information to them.

Financial freedom means being able to trust that no matter where you go or what you do, your money works for you. And, for workers that live in areas prone to inflation, the stability of a token like DGX or DAI isn’t something they take for granted.

Payroll on Ethereum means workers are always in control of their funds. And, they are free to choose how, when, and where they access their money. Not to mention, workers paid in ETH or tokens are only a few clicks away from taking advantage of the unique opportunities in decentralized finance (DeFi).

Try Whisp for yourself

Anyone can sign up for Whisp to take advantage of payroll on Ethereum. Begin paying your team on Ethereum today!

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