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Redeploy your spreadsheet warriors – Let Whisp handle payroll

Redeploy your spreadsheet warriors – Let Whisp handle payroll


Payroll spreadsheets are a nightmare

Hundreds of companies have started offering their workers payments in crypto. THIS IS AWESOME and a huge step towards mass crypto adoption. However, few people consider the finance and accounting team members toiling away in the back office, cobbling together spreadsheets from crypto invoices, receipts, and payroll info.

These guys and gals are your spreadsheet warriors. They manually log all of the transaction metadata, prices, addresses, exceptions, and more. They’ve manually calculated capital gains tax, withholdings, and all other taxable events. This is a huge time-suck, and human error is almost inevitable no matter how careful and diligent your team is.

What’s the solution?

Guess what…this is a problem the blockchain can actually solve!

Processing and recording crypto payments by hand takes a bunch of hours and serious mental energy. How many of us still use bespoke systems that aren’t really designed to scale or be passed on to others? Why not save time + stress and cut down on mistakes with an automated process? Whisp aggregates all important payment transaction data for you and organizes it into a CSV file.

Whisp is a tool for the whole team

Wait, what about your workers’ recordkeeping needs? Whisp has them covered too: each worker gets her own bookkeeping dashboard. So workers can be on multiple companies’ payroll and still manage all their received payments in one place.

Get back to building

Stop dreading payday. Make your crypto payments with confidence and let Whisp worry about the rest. Easier, faster, and cheaper than legacy payroll services. And built on Ethereum!

Check out our live beta! Have questions? Find us on Twitter or in the Concourse Discord. And just let us know when you’re ready to take the stress out of payday!