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Take the stress out of payday – Whisp update adds new features and a new look

Take the stress out of payday – Whisp update adds new features and a new look

Anyone in the Ethereum ecosystem can tell you that things move quickly. And, we believe payroll shouldn’t be the thing that slows down you or your team.

That’s why we created Whisp to make it easy to pay your team with ETH, DAI, or the ERC-20 token of your choice. And, Whisp handles the hassle of paperwork so your team can focus on what matters. We aimed to make Whisp simple to use with features like automated record-keeping that plugs right into your accounting software come tax season.

Recently, we added a bunch of useful new features to Whisp and gave it a new look. Say hello to new Whisp!

Whisp’s new homepage

New Features

Batched payments

We’ve added the option to send batched payments. Now, you can pay multiple team members in one transaction. Or, maybe you want to pay your team in one half ETH and the other half DAI. Batching transactions saves you time and eliminates wasteful gas spending.

The ‘Copy Previous Batch’ button makes the process even more efficient by letting you repeat batched payments you’ve made in the past. Simply, select last paycheck’s batch from the dropdown menu and send it again.

Fiat Converter

Users can now set a default fiat currency in their account setting. And with a flip of a switch, Whisp’s new Fiat Converter will display your payments in both cryptocurrency and your selected fiat currency. For those contracts denominated in fiat such as USD or EUR, enter the fiat amount you’d like to send and the converter does the math for you into the desired cryptocurrency.

Pay dates

Say one of your contract ends Friday but the payment doesn’t get sent until Monday. Maybe you just owe one of your workers some backpay. Just send payments with a specific pay date and this new feature will grab the spot price from that date. No calculators or historical price charts necessary.

The future of finance is here today

Ethereum is reshaping the world of finance as we know it. Ditching legacy payroll systems and switching to Whisp let’s your team members take advantage of DeFi services while also saving you time and money. So what are you waiting for? Put your money where your mouth is and start using payroll powered by Ethereum today! It’s never been easier.

See the new look for yourself! Have a comment or question about any of the new features? Let us hear it on Twitter or in our Discord.