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So Long ConcourseQ

So Long ConcourseQ

As ICO fever heated up in 2017, Ethereum became a magnet for unscrupulous actors looking to trade empty promises for a quick profit. Without a reliably objective source of info about new projects and token sales, it was getting harder and harder to tell a scam from a legitimate project.

And so in mid-2017, we launched ConcourseQ, the first platform for community-sourced ICO due diligence. We committed to ensuring ConcourseQ would remain open, fair, and objective, and our plan has always been to keep it going as long as it provided value to the community.

But as we settle into 2020, the ICO craze is behind us, and the community has come together to reject scams and fraud. That means it’s time to say goodbye to ConcourseQ. 

We hope ConcourseQ helped some of you make more informed decisions (or save money) over the past 2.5 years. ConcourseQ issued over 300 warnings, received dozens of legal threats, and was directly responsible for 2 ICOs quitting the internet. And from what we could tell, a number of other projects were less than thrilled to see the truth about their ICOs dragged into the light by the community.  

ConcourseQ never collected revenue; its success came from everyone who contributed due diligence research on ConcourseQ, offered encouragement or a kind word, or pretended to chuckle at our Terrible Token Tuesday jokes. We’re grateful to the entire community for all of that. And special thanks goes to our Qfellows, whose tireless research helped set the standard for due diligence reports on ConcourseQ.   

Though we’re closing the chapter on ConcourseQ, its core values continue to guide us as we build tools to help improve the Ethereum experience for everyone. Come see what we’re up to (or just say hi) on Discord.

Thank you again from all us at Concourse Open Community.